Absolute Best Beautiful You

First post… needs something exciting, big, glamorous! Or a quick introduction what Abby Talks will present to you. Abby standing for Absolute Best Beautiful You is my promise to deliver my knowledge, thoughts and research on all topics about beauty.

A little about my background, I have been a full licensed hairstylist for over 2 years now. But I am a fourth generation hairdresser so I’ve been around hair my entire life! I decided to expand my skill set and attend a very intense 1 year program for makeup and arts. I’ve always had an interest in makeup but it wasn’t until I went to school, that interest would grow into a passion. I love researching whats new and exciting. The more I looked up, the more my curiosity grew and I needed to know more. What’s the formulation? What skin textures does this work best with? Ingredients? Cruelty-free? Who do they collaborate with?

I noticed for most of my questions I had to look really deep for the information I wanted. I know it’s a lot of work but why don’t more bloggers blog about the science side of products? Then my mind switched and I asked myself, why don’t I write about all the information most bloggers look over? I’m sure there’s more people out there looking for the same as me.

Now I’m not looking to bore people to death about the science behind products.But I find it very important as a professional, talking to most of my clients that don’t know the difference between oily hair and shiny hair. Everyone should know what professionals would call common knowledge that other people not in the same field would know.

Feel free to email questions,ideas or even your thoughts on a subject are always appreciated.



abby xo