The Beginning of the very Beginning.

Welcome to my website, my little mental space to type away as I like without holding back. I have always wanted to write, tried & failed some years back due to human problems. However, I have decided to give it a good go this time around as I believe and hope this will help with my mental well-being.

My website will include my opinions most of the time and also some evidence to occasionally back shit up as required. There will be grammatical errors and I have decided to apologise for this in advance as I get better at writing.

Life can be so great and terrible. The happy periods feels like you are in a bubble, were everything is merry and joyful and then poof! it all goes downhill from there.

Life throws you both the good and bad and it does not care if you are ready for it or not. Life rules. Life gives and takes in ways that you may never think was capable and no, I do mean birth and death. Throughout this process, a good mental health is essential. Mental Health is no joke; it is very important, more important than our physical health at times.

We are only human.

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